Videoclase del phrasal verb «Call off, Call on, Call for»

Phrasal verb Call off

Literal definition: call + off = (no clear association)
He called off the clock. (off the clock = not on official work time)
He called off the platform


Figurative definition 1: call off = to cancel or postpone indefinitely
They have called off the meeting until they have more information.
She got cold feet at the last minute and decided to call off the wedding.


Figurative definition 2: call off = to restrain or order to stop
The owner had to call off his dog when it jumped the fence and attacked the cyclist.
The king called off his swordsmen.



Phrasal verb Call on

Literal definition: call + on = (no clear association)
You called on the clock (on the clock = while working on company time)
You called on the top of the building.


Figurative definition 1: call on = to order or request to undertake a particular activity
The senator called on the conservatives to cooperate with getting the law passed.
I’m calling on all the willing and able to help me move this weekend!


Phrasal verb Call for

Literal definition: call + for = to request or order something (most usually by phone)
She is thinking of calling for room service.
We called for a large peperoni pizza and salad combo at 10:00.


Figurative definition 1: call for = to require or demand; ask for urgently
In response to the protests, the governor is calling for peace and order.
Due to the malfunctioning piece, the manufacturer has called for all 2014 models to be returned.


Figurative definition 2: call for = to be an appropriate occasion for something
Hearing the news of getting the new position called for a big celebration.
This bad news calls for time to reflect.


Figurative definition 3: call for = to require or have as a prerequisite
Being a financial analyst calls for attention to detail.
Arriving to his position of CEO called for great vision.


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