Phrasal Verb “Come through”

Come through

Literal definition: come + through = to arrive on the other side of something having passed through something else

I felt exhausted yesterday after coming through so much traffic.

After everything she came through to get to this point she deserves a promotion.


Figurative definition 1: come through = to do what is expected

The team had really expected a lot from the new manager, but he didn’t come through.

If she comes through with the sale she will have the biggest client account in the company.


Figurative definition 2: come through = to be accepted or approved

We are really hoping the loan comes through this week.

If my application comes through, I’ll start in April.


Figurative definition 3: come through = to become clear or manifest

The radio signal wasn’t coming through very clearly last night.

Their dedication came through in their willingness to work overtime all month


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