Un phrasal verb especial en inglés, “Call up; back”

Call up

Literal definition: call + up = to shout something from a lower level

I called up to her window, but she didn’t hear me.

While shopping I saw a friend on the second level but didn’t call up to him as I was in a hurry.


Figurative definition 1: call up = to telephone someone or an organization

We can call them up and ask them the prices.

When she heard the news of the fall in stock prices she called up her broker.


Figurative definition 2: call up = to summon someone from a lower level

The team called him up from the minor leagues.

If the country goes to war, it will call up thousands of troops from the reserves.


Call back

Literal definition: call + back = to call at a previous period of time

I called the idea stupid back when I was younger. Now I know the difference.

We used to call a lot back when we lived further apart.


Figurative definition 1: call back = to return a call or call someone again

I left a message for him to call me back.

The company impressed me when after complaining it called me back immediately.


Figurative definition 2: call back = to summon someone back to a previous situation or location

His first audition was so good that they decided to call him back the next day.

The mother called back her son to apologize for hitting the other boy.


Figurative definition 3: call back = to recall something defective for repair

The car manufacturer has called back thousands of cars for having faulty airbags.

No company wants the financial loss of having to call back products.

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