Errores comunes en inglés: To work «In» something

No cometas este error común en inglés.  To work in something.

What you should say: to work on something

You can say ‘work in’, but only to speak about the industry you are involved with: I work in sales. I work in construction.

We use ‘to work on’ to talk about a project or task we are involved with: I am working on my doctoral thesis. We also use ‘work on’ to refer to the day(s) that we work: I work on Saturday. ‘Work on’ can even mean ‘repair’: He is working on his car.


      What are you working on?

      She can’t come to the party because
she’s working on her speech.

      We need to work on the mock up.

 ¿En que estas trabajando?

Ella no puede venir a la fiesta porque esta              trabajando en su discurso.

Necesitamos trabajar en la maqueta.


12/06/2019Level - difficulty 2Great BritainVideo2 min