Un error en inglés es utilizar mal el genitivo sajón

El error en inglés suele ser «The shoes of Maria»

What you should say: «The Maria’s shoes» 

This lesson is one that students see time and time again throughout their studies. The concept is often hard to remember. If we talk about possession, we use an ‘s at the end of a name: Jane’s book, Bob’s car…

If the name ends in S, you can just add an apostrophe: James’ toy.

Keep in mind that this is true for people, animals and time expressions (and sometimes places). Fort things, we don’t say ‘the bus’s wheels’; we would say ‘the wheels of the bus’.

Another common mistake with this structure comes from translating directly. We don’t use the article ‘the’ with the possessive. We DON’T say ‘The Sarah’s bag’.


Have you seen the singers’ costumes?

Mitch’s car is brand new.

My cousin’s accent is hard to understand.

¿Has visto los disfraces de los cantantes?

El coche de Mitch es totalmente nuevo.

El acento de mi primo es difícil de entender


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