¿Cómo es la expresión «tener mal aspecto» en inglés?

Rough shape – tener mal aspecto

We use the terms ‘to be in/out of shape’ to refer to somebody’s physical conditioning. If you do a lot of exercise and watch what you eat, then you are in shape. However, ‘to be in rough shape’ is generally used to describe somebody (or something) who has had an accident or gone through some unusual circumstances and now they don’t look too good. If you stay out drinking all night, don’t shower or shave, and go to straight to work, a colleague might say, ‘Wow. You’re in rough shape.’


Jack was in rough shape after his bicycle accident.Man,

You’re in rough shape.

The house was in rough shape after the party.

Jack tenía mal aspecto después de su accidente en bici.

Vaya aspecto que tienes.

La casa estaba en mal estado después de la fiesta.



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