«Ask around, out», Uno de los phrasal verbs indispensables

En este vídeo, Gary Toomey, nos enseña a usar unos de los phrasal verbs indispensables, «Ask around» y «Ask out»

Ask around

Literal definition: ask + around = to inquire about a subject or person, around a space or near something

He asked around the table if people liked the food or not.

We can ask around the entrance if anybody has any extra tickets to the concert.


Figurative definition 1: ask around = to ask multiple people or sources

We don’t know if it will work for everyone. Can you ask around?

I need to find out what the interest level is. I’m going to ask around the office to find out.


Figurative definition 2: ask around = to ask someone to come and visit someone’s house

We asked them around to have a coffee and they said they would come by tomorrow.

It’s been a long time since I’ve met with Allan. I’m going to ask him around.


Ask out

Literal definition: Ask + out = to ask a question, outside a space or circumstance

She asked them out of the meeting.

I asked her out of the other people I could have asked.


Figurative definition 1: ask out = to ask someone to go out on a date

Funnily, they began dating after he first asked her out to a dinner at a fast food restaurant.

I’m really nervous about asking him out to the concert.


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