Como decir en inglés «Hacer crecer algo»

Grow up

Literal definition: grow + up = to increase in size or amount in an upward direction

The vines grew up the side of the house.

When they planted the bushes there were none. Now they are growing up to the top of the hill.


Figurative definition 1: grow up = to mature as a person

The boy grew up as the only child.

What really helped her grow up in the business was having a good mentor.


Grow into

Literal definition: grow + into = to grow enough to fit into something or to penetrate something

The shirt doesn’t fit now, but he will grow into it.

The roots of the tree are now growing into the foundation of the house.


Figurative definition 1: grow into = to develop or change into a mature version or specimen

After having been on the team for 5 years he grew into the role as the team captain.

This little seed sprout will grow into a big apple tree someday.


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