La expresión en inglés «It’s raining cats and dogs»

En este vídeo Anna Collins te enseña el significado del idiom y su uso en contexto de una forma práctica.

It’s raining cats and dogs – Esta lloviendo a cántaros.

There are many theories about where this idiom comes from. Some say it is from mythology, others say that it is a bizarre weather phenomenon that sucks animals into the sky to rain them back down. A popular theory speaks of animals sleeping in the rafters or under the roof that fall down when it rains hard. In any case, we use this expression to mean ‘raining really hard’.


We stayed inside because it was raining cats and dogs. – Nos quedamos dentro porque llovía a cántaros/ llovía mucho.


23/12/2016Level - difficulty 1Great BritainVideo1 min