La expresión en inglés “Frog in my throat”

En este vídeo Sandra te enseña a usar la expresión en inglés y su uso en contexto de una forma práctica.

Frog in my throat – Carraspera.

It has happened to most of us: we go to take the microphone and the sound that comes out is not our normal voice. The expressions comes from the fact that the sound a frog makes in English is a ‘croak’ and that’s what your voice sounds like when you have this tickle in your throat.


I need to clear my throat. I’ve got a frog in it. – Necesito aclararme la garganta. Tengo carraspera.

She got a frog in her throat right before her turn. – Tenía carraspera cuando le toco hablar.

Have you ever got a frog in your throat? – ¿Has tenido carraspera alguna vez?


02/09/2016Level - difficulty 2United StatesVideo1 min