¿Cómo dirías en inglés «Mi jefe nos pone muchas zancadillas»?

Aprende a utilizar esta expresión en inglés con este vídeo de Sandra Handler.

Jump through hoops – sortear obstáculos

This expression probably comes from animal trainers, especially those at the circus, who made their animals jump through hoops – plastic or metal circles – they were holding. In a normal conversation, we use it to talk about having to deal with obstacles or tasks that are not pleasant or done to test obedience.


Our boss always makes us jump through a lot of hoops.

I won’t jump through hoops.

He’s crazy if he thinks they’ll jump through all those hoops.

Nuestro jefe nos pone muchas

No voy a sortear ningún obstáculo

Está loco si cree que vamos a sortear
todos esos obstáculos.


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