Evita el error en inglés al decir «estoy aburrido»

Aprende como decir correctamente «estoy aburrido»

What you should say: To be bored

Remember that there are some adjectives that end in both ‘ed’ and ‘ing’: bored/boring, confused/confusing, etc.


We use the ‘ed’ form to describe how a person feels:

He is bored because the film is so slow


The ‘ing’ adjectives use to describe a thing:

This film is boring

Or to describe a person’s personality:

He is boring. He always talks about football.


You cannot use an ‘ed’ adjective to describe a thing. A thing CAN’T be bored.


These instructions are confusing.

The book I’m reading is really boring.

She looks so bored.

Estas instrucciones son muy confusas.

El libro que estoy leyendo es muy aburrido.

Parece que está muy aburrida.


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