La expresión o «idiom» en inglés “Get on (one’s) nerves”

En este vídeo Gary Toomey te enseña a usar la expresión en inglés y su uso en contexto de una forma práctica.

Get on (one’s) nerves – irritarle a alguien.

‘To get on somebody’s nerves’ means that you are irritating them. A person can get on your nerves and so can a thing: a noise, somebody’s habits, a stupid phrase that everybody repeats… Notice that in Spanish ‘estar de los nervios’ is not used so much to speak about being annoyed or irritated as it is say that you are nervous.


You’re getting on my nerves. – Me estas irritando.

People who cut in line really get on my nerves. – La gente que se cuela en la cola me irrita.

That song is starting to get on our nerves. – Esa canción me esta empezando a


07/10/2016Level - difficulty 2IrelandVideo1 min