Como decir «me vuelve loco» en inglés

Drives me crazy – me vuelve loco.

She drives me crazy, hoo, hoo. You might remember this song. This phrase can have two meanings. We sometimes use it to say that we are very attracted to somebody. However, you can also use it to say that you find something very irritating – That noise drives me crazy. Sadly, many relationships start and end like this: somebody drives you crazy and then their habits drive you crazy.


The cashier at the café drives me crazy. – La cajera en esa cafetería me vuelve loco.

She drives me crazy, and I can’t help myself. – Me vuelve loco, y no lo puedo evitar.

The sound of water dripping drives me crazy. – El sonido de gotas de agua cayéndose me vuele loco.



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