¿Como dirías la has fastidiado en inglés?

En este vídeo Anna Collins te enseña el significado de la expresión en inglés o idiom y su uso en contexto de una forma práctica.

Blow it – fastidiarla

We have all blown it at one time or another. We made a crucial mistake at the worst possible time. We said something stupid to an important person at a critical moment. Maybe your boss has told you, ‘This is an important contract, so don’t blow it!’ Whether it is the pressure before, or the bad feeling after, nobody wants to blow it.


You blew it!

Don’t blow it!

You really blew it this time.

¡Lo has fastidiado!

¡No lo fastidies!

Lo has realmente fastidiado esta vez.


28/04/2017Level - difficulty 2Great BritainVideo1 min