Aprende a usar el phrasal verb «Blow off; away»

Blow off

Literal definition: blow + off = to move something off a surface by the act of blowing
He blew the ash off the table.
It’s not sufficient to clean by just blowing off the dust.

Figurative definition 1: blow off = to choose not to attend or appear; casually disregard something or someone.
He was going to meet up with his friends but he blew them off to stay home and watch TV.
I hate it when people blow me off without calling.

Figurative definition 2: blow off = to remove or come off due to an explosion or strong force
The impact blew the top off of the barrel.
The tropical storm blew the ship off course be about 100 kilometres.


Blow away

Literal definition: blow + away = to move by force of air away from a central point
He used the leaf-blower machine and blew away the leaves from the main entrance.
Unfortunately there was no wind to blow the smell of the portable toilets away from where they were standing in the fair.

Figurative definition 1: blow away = to kill
He loves movies where the bad guys get blown away.
When the zombie came around the corner she blew it away with the shotgun.

Figurative definition 2: blow away = to defeat decisively
The soldiers blew away the resistance that had occupied the town.
The San Francisco 49ers are responsible for most lopsided Super Bowl win by blowing away the Denver Broncos 55-10 in Super Bowl XXIV.

Figurative definition 3: blow away = to surprise, overwhelm or affect intensely (usually in a good way)
The concert last night blew me away – both the visual show and the music quality were amazing.
After gathering in-depth information and preparing for weeks, his presentation blew the committee away.


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