¿Sabes cuándo usar el Phrasal Verb “Clear up”?


Literal definition: clear + up = to remove things from a higher up space

She has already cleared the shelves up in tall book case.

Can you please clear the table up in the conference room?


Figurative definition 1: clear up = to make more understandable

Before we can move forward we need to clear up the issue of our non-negotiables.

I was confused at first about the technique but the trainer helped clear it up for me.


Figurative definition 2: clear up = to correct or bring to reconciliation

You’d better clear up the situation with her before you have to work on another project.

The called the client directly to clear up the situation with regard to overcharging him.


Figurative definition 3: clear up = to remove obstructions, unwanted objects, or imperfections

After the accident it took nearly 5 hours before they could get everything cleared up.

She was very self-conscious about the acne on her face until it cleared up.

We are waiting for the weather to clear up before leaving.

Dedica unos minutos para aprender este phrasal verb y úsalo de manera natural en tus conversaciones.


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