Phrasal Verbs: “Butt in; out”

Butt in

Literal definition: butt + in = to hit or push something with the head or horns inside a particular space or toward a particular direction

The ram butted the other ram in the middle of the field.

The “Glasgow kiss” is another way of describing when someone head butts another person in the head or face with their forehead.


Figurative definition 1: butt in (on) = to interrupt or interfere in somebody else’s conversation

It’s not polite to butt in when other people are having serious conversations.

I’m sorry to butt in, but you have an urgent call.

Maria is a very nosey person. Just last week she butted in on several conversations.


Butt out

Literal definition: butt + out = (no clear association)

The rams butted heads until one butted the other out of its territory.

Did you see the water buffalo try to butt out the lion from the rest of the heard?


Figurative definition 1: butt out = to stop listening to or interfering with someone’s affairs

Hey, would you butt out. It’s none of your business!

The teen ager wished his parents would simply butt out of his life.


Figurative definition 2: butt out = to leave or depart some place hastily

I had to butt out quickly to answer the call.

We didn’t like the concert at all and so butted out after about the fifth song.


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