Aprende cuando usar en inglés el Phrasal Verb “Do over”

Aprende cuando usar en inglés el Phrasal Verb “Do over”

Literal definition: do + over = to do something while above or covering a space or period of time

He did the project over the weekend.

We will have to do the painting over some newspapers so it doesn’t get the floor dirty.


Figurative definition 1: do over = to repeat or do something again.

The director ordered the actors to do the scene over.

I wouldn’t have had to do the report over if she had been more satisfied with it.


Figurative definition 2: do over = to rebuild, redesign or redecorate

When we finally decide on the style we are going to do over our kitchen.

They weren’t satisfied with the old-fashioned look to their living room and did it over last month.


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