Descubre Vancouver y sus secretos

The city of Vancouver can be found in the region of British Columbia in the country of Canada. It is the eighth largest municipality in all of Canada with a population of approximately 2.4 million.
Vancouver is known for its diversity, in terms of both cultures and languages! Only 52% of its inhabitants speak English as their first language.
And here’s a little known fact: the original name of the area where Vancouver is now located was called Gastown. The huge city has its origins in a site that belonged to a logging sawmill: Hasting’s Mill. The city has played a key role in the transportation of goods, connected to Eastern Canada and the Asian nations.
When you visit you will find Vancouver a pleasant city despite being densely populated. All around are natural surroundings including ocean, mountains and parks for all to enjoy!


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

can be found = se puede encontrar
municipality = municipio
little known fact = hecho poco conocido
huge = enorme
site = lugar
belong to = pertenece a
logging sawmill = aserradero (de tala)
to play a key role = desempeñar un papel clave
goods = bienes
pleasant = agradable
despite = a pesar de
for all to enjoy = para que todos disfruten

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