The Garden of the Gods Can help your English

Where do the gods go to relax? And where can you go to meet them? It’s called “The Garden of the Gods”, and you’ll find the place outside of Colorado Springs.

This place will be sure to inspire. The Garden of the Gods is a natural park of red, sandstone rock formations that were created during geological activity along a natural fault line millions of years ago. In the visitor center you can watch a video that explains how the rocks were formed. These red pillars and formations rise up to over 300 feet (100 meters) and have all types of different shapes that contrast with the green flora and mountains. The name, “Garden of the Gods”, was inspired when some of the original park founders thought it looked like the type of place the gods would spend time relaxing.

In addition to the natural impressiveness, you will find it interesting to learn that archeological evidence shows that prehistoric people lived here as early as 1330 BC. Similarly, other Native American Indians such as the Ute, Comanche, Apache, Cheyanne and many more also lived or traveled through the area from 250 BC on.


The park receives more than 2 million visitors a year. You can explore the area by car and on foot with more than 15 miles (24km) of trails. Additionally, the park allows you to go mountain biking, horse riding and even rock climbing. The main path in the middle of the park is paved and wheelchair accessible.


Whether you see the beauty in the spring, summer, with snow or during a sunset, you will understand why Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Attractions 2013 list ranked the Garden of the Gods the second best park in the nation and the third best in the world!



outside Colorado Springs = a las afueras de Colorado Springs

sandstone rock formations = formaciones de roca arenisca

natural fault line = falla natural

simplicity = sencillez

(they) rise up to over 300 feet = se elevan hasta más de 300 pies

you will find it intersting = te resultará interesante

archeological evidence shows = la evidencia arqueológica muestra que

from 250 BC on = a partir del año 250 AC

the park allows you = el parque permite

paved = asfaltada

wheelchair accessible = adaptada para minusválidos

whether you see the beauty = Tanto si ves la belleza… como (si haces otra cosa)

sunset = puesta del sol

to rank = clasificar

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