The Brighton Grand: Explore This Popular Hotel’s History

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The Brighton Grand.

I’m reporting straight from the Grand Brighton Hotel! I came out here this month for an escape and thought it would be nice to stay at a waterfront hotel. The city has several iconic establishments, but I chose to tell all of you about this one as it has a very rich and exciting history, one that involves a lift, a bombing, and renovation:

The hotel was built in 1864. The design was the work of architect John Whichcord, Jr. The idea was to build a place where the upper-class would want to go while they were visiting Brighton and Hove. It featured the first lift built outside of London, a true engineering feat! The hotel featured this advanced, “ahead-of-its-time” technology along with a more antique touch: Victorian style.

Now, this is where it gets interesting: in 1984, when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was staying for a conference, the Provisional Irish Republican Army bombed the hotel. It was October 12 when the incident occurred, but the bomb was placed three weeks before in one of the hotel suites. Luckily, the PM was not injured, but 5 individuals died and a few others were injured or paralyzed. (I’m glad it’s 2014 and they have improved security measures!) The hotel was re-open in August of 1986.

Since then, the hotel has undergone a lot of changes. The De Vere Group purchased the hotel in 1990 and proceeded with a thirteen-year renovation project. In 2013 a Spa and seafood restaurant (GB1) were finally completed. The hotel is now more modern than ever but still features its reminiscent Victorian style it’s known for, effectively merging the old with the new.

I really enjoyed the views from my “room with a view.” I had a breathtaking landscape right outside, on my balcony. I took pictures at sunrise, sunset, and every time in between (I couldn’t spend all my time there, as there is a TON to do in Brighton and Hove!).


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

rich and exciting history: historia profunda y interesante
the upper-class: clase alta
to merge the old with the new: mezclar lo viejo con lo nuevo
breathtaking: que quita la respiración


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