Conoce a la actriz canadiense Sarah Chalke y aprende Inglés

Raised in Vancouver, Sarah Chalke started her acting career when she was eight years old. While her humble beginnings featured musical productions, she soon made it to Canadian television. Soon after, in 1993, she made it to American Primetime, taking over the role of Becky in the hit sitcom Roseanne.

Following the ending of that TV series, she was cast as Dr. Elliot Reid in the comedy Scrubs (2009-2010). She has also made appearances in other hit shows, including Grey’s Anatomy (2012), Cougar Town (2012), How I Met Your Mother (2008-2014) and Backstrom (2015).

A little known fact about Sarah is that she can actually speak three languages: English (native level), German (fluent), and French (pretty high level). Her language skills actually came into good use as her character in Scrubs required that she be able to speak all three languages.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

career = vida profesional

humble beginnings = comienzos modestos

to feature = destacar

she soon made it to Canadian TV = en breve llegó a la televisión canadiense

to take over the role = hacerse cargo del papel de

sitcom = comedia de situación

she was cast as = fue elegida como

scrubs = ropa quirúgica

cougar = puma de las montañas (o una mujer que busca a un hombre más joven como pareja)

a little known fact = un hecho poco conocido

actually = realmente

came into good use = le resultó muy útil

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