Conoce a la actriz australiana Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, Sydney native, is an actress/comedienne of merit. Her parents named her after their wedding singer (funny, right?)

In order to avoid being teased at school, Rebel used her middle names (Melanie Elizabeth).

She is known for her role as Toula in the comedy show Pizza. She is also known for her characters on the sketch comedy show The Wedge. Some of her most well-known character portrayals were Fat Mandi, Lucy, and Tina while on this hilarious show.

Following her success with comedy television, Rebel made her way to the big screen, with roles in hit movies Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. Eventually, she also made it big on the American comedy TV circuit.



to name someone after (someone else) = poner el nombre a alguien por algo

in order to avoid being teased = para evitar ser objeto de burla

middle names = segundos nombres

role = papel

characters = personajes

sketch comedy show = programa de escenas de comedia

wedge = cuña

character portrayals = interpretaciones de personajes

hilarious show = espectáculo/programa divertidísimo

made her way to the big screen = dirigió su camino gran pantalla

made it big = se hizo grande


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