Philadelphia «The city of brotherly love»

Smooth. Creamy. Spreadable. Delicious…oops! Wrong article! We aren’t talking about cream cheese here, people: I’m talking about something much, much bigger (that brand of cream cheese actually originated in New York!). Philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love”.

One of most important economic and culture centers of the state of Pennsylvania, the city was once America’s temporary capital and was extremely important during the Revolutionary War. Actions here helped to liberate one of the greatest countries in the world into what is now known today as the United States of America: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US were signed here. Gotta love it! And did you know: the name is of Greek origin. The name itself is a combination of the words “Philos,” which means loving, and “adelphos,” which means brother.

And speaking of love…how about them cheesesteaks? (Try saying that five times fast!) And don’t even get me started on soft pretzels. These very-American staples got inspiration in this lovely city.

Besides the food, there are plenty of sites to see. From gardens to squares, you won’t be let down. I particularly liked visiting Franklin Square while I stayed in the city. It was actually recently renovated as well, and now features things like a carousel, a miniature golf course, and even an area to have a nice picnic. I enjoyed seeing the plethora of people from both all over the world and from all over America stroll about. And, of course, I’m still a kid at heart and love a good carousel ride!

Finally, if you love art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is quite a sight. So is the Reading Terminal Market and Liberty Bell Center. The former country capital is rich with history and you will definitely not be disappointed with your visit, with all you have to see and do!



spreadable: “untable”, que se puede untar
gotta love it: te va a encantar
cheesesteaks: un bocadillo de tiras de carne con queso
staple: alimento básico
you won’t be let down: no te decepcionará
carousel: carrusel, tiovivo
plethora of people: riqueza, cantidad de gente
to stroll: pasear tranquilamente

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