Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and English are the languages learned and spoken in this city with a rich history. English, believe it or not, became a new addition to the country of India’s language base, as the nation was also ruled by British influence.

The capital city of New Delhi was established in 1911, with the construction finishing around the early 1930’s. In other words, the city itself is fairly new. The original capital was Kolkata (also referred to as Calcutta, the city’s former name). Officials believed that it would be easier to rule the nation from the north in New Delhi than in the eastern coastal city of Kolkata, due to location.

The city itself has a rich history, with new construction. The public subway system was introduced in 1998, after a proposal made in 1984.

Surprisingly, the capital of India is not home to the Taj Mahal! It is, however, the city where you can find the iconic Bahai Temple (known by many as the Lotus Temple). The city also features the place where Mahatma Ghandi was killed, with his house being left exactly as he had left it.

It is also interesting to know that the city is the second wealthiest in India. With its new construction, much of which is inspired by other international landmarks, the city features a great deal to see and enjoy.

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