Moomba Festival: water acrobatics, fireworks, parade and of course English

When one thinks of Melbourne, the infamous Moomba Festival may probably come to mind if you know a little bit about the local culture and tradition. The largest cultural festival in Australia was established in 1955, but it has origins that date back to 1951 with a parade and a play that were held to commemorate 50 years of the Melbourne Federation at that time.
There has been some controversy about what the word “Moomba” might actually mean, but many believe that the definition has to do more with having a get-together and great time.
There is plenty there to entertain each and every spectator: parade floats with a different theme each year, fireworks, activities held by the Yarra River (including waterskiing and river floats), and even a carnival of sorts. Two “Monarchs,”or a king and queen, are usually crowned as well each year at a crowning ceremony.
It is also worth mentioning the Birdman Rally, in which people dress up in bird costume and try to fly before falling into the water. This entertaining contest was temporarily cancelled for a period due to E. coli contamination in the Yarra River. Luckily, the rally is going strong nowadays!
If you are looking for a rare experience in Melbourne, check out this festival in 2015 from March 6th to 9th!

i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

established: establecido
controversy: polémica
theme: tema
to crown: coronar
worth mentioning: merece la pena mencionar
due to: debido a
Luckily: afortunadamente


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