All about las Vegas!! Mucho más que entretenimiento

When most people think of Las Vegas (Or simply “Vegas”) they think of casinos, entertainment, and vacations. The city itself is the most populated in the state of Nevada, and actually includes many pieces: the Vegas Strip (which usually comes to mind when thinking of Las Vegas), the outskirts of the city (the communities of Enterprise, Paradise, and Winchester found in Clark County), and the Las Vegas Valley.

The city is relatively new, only being founded in 1905 and officially named a city in 1911.

With more AAA Five Diamond rated hotels than any other city in the world, Vegas is the place to be if you are looking for gambling, fine dining, and great live entertainment experiences.

A fun fact about the name of the city is that it comes from the Spanish word for “meadows,” which is quite ironic as the city is quite urban now, with the Vegas Strip being its most well-known characteristic.

It is also home to the Neon Museum, home of the many neon signs found on the Vegas Strip that are no longer used.

One more interesting fact: the marriage and divorce rates of the city alone are some of the highest in all of the United States! It is very easy to get married there (think of Elvis and drive-thru weddings!) and the laws were also changed in the early 1930s.

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