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Designed by architects I. M. Pei & Partners, the JPMorgan Chase Tower is one of the most important landmarks in Houston. It was completed in 1982, and is about 305 meters high from the ground to its rooftop!

An interesting fact about the building design and original blueprints is that the architects were planning on making the building even taller than it actually is now. Due to aircraft regulations, it was not permitted to build the structure up to the planned 80 stories! Upon completion, however, it still topped out as the eighth tallest building in the world (at that time that is).  Today, with its 75 floors, it is listed as the world’s 78th tallest building and 14th tallest in the U.S.

The building is extremely unique in that it features a connection to the Houston Downtown Tunnel System, an underground network of pedestrian walking paths that encompasses approximately 25 blocks of the city!

The 60th (sixtieth) floor of the building features the “sky lobby,” or the observation deck of the building, featuring breath-taking views of the city of Houston. This section of the tower serves as the link between the first sixty floors of the building and the upper levels.

Finally, the namesake of “Chase” implies that the building would be of financial purpose, but the fact of the matter is that the financial entity only possesses one single branch of the bank that occupies one floor!



landmark:  punto de interés
rooftop:  azotea
blueprints :  planos
stories (building):  plantas (edificios)
upon completion:  al completar
to top out:  posicionar
at that time:  en ese tiempo
extremely unique:  extremadamente especial
pedestrian walking paths:  caminos peatonales
to encompass:  abarcar
blocks of the city:  manzanas de la ciudad
to feature:  ofrecer
observation deck:  plataforma de observación
breath-taking views:  vistas impresionantes
link:  enlance
upper levels:  niveles superiores
namesake:  tocayo
financial purpose:  propósito financiero
the fact of the matter:  el hecho de la cuestión
branch (bank):  sucursal

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