Glasgow, Glesca, Glaschu, as you prefer, but always gorgeous

Descubre los secretos mejor guardados de Glasgow mientras le das el empujón diario a tu inglés. Lee, escucha y ponte a prueba con el ejercicio que te proponemos más abajo.


Did you know that Glasgow is the fourth largest city in all of the United Kingdom? Or that it exceeds the population of Edinburgh? Or that the most redheads (13% in the whole world) actually come from the city? How about that the greeting the “Glasgow kiss”, also known as a head butt, originated from here?

The Scottish landmark got its start with the first bridge being built around 1285 over the River Clyde. The famous university was founded in 1451. The city is located right next to this famous river, the River Clyde, which was a crucial spot in the beginning of the region’s settlement.

The population began to surpass that of Edinburgh in 1821, when a population boom occurred. The city was known as the “Second City of the Empire” as the growth continued well into the 19th century, even after the Glasgow Bank Collapse in 1878 (this may attribute to the fact that the Scottish are considered some of the most stingy people in the UK!).

When people think of Glasgow and Scotland, kilts may be one of the first things that come to mind: Did you know that these Scottish kilts are supposed to be worn without underwear??? You can also enjoy Haggis here, a traditional Scottish staple, and explore the streets where Glasgow native Billy Connelly was raised!


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

head butt = cabezazo
landmark = punto de interés
settlement = asentamiento
boom = aumento de población
stingy = tacaño
staple = alimento básico


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