Galway’s International Arts Festival for Your English

Want to be entertained, to laugh and to dream? Then the Galway International Arts Festival is what you need to do! The Irish Times has called it “the biggest, most exciting, most imaginative explosion of arts activity this country has.”

The festival originated by some artists who were sitting at their kitchen table one day and wanted to attract world-class artists to Ireland. And so they did, putting Galway on the map as a key cultural center! The two-week festival was founded in 1978 and offers more than 200 acts of theatre, spectacle, dance, visual arts, music, literature and comedy. It attracts some of the best artists from Ireland as well as around the word!


This year the festival will take place from July 13-26 and will feature over 500 writers, artists, performers and musicians from America, Asia, Australia and Europe, and of course Ireland.

Whether you are listening to the live musical performances, watching a parade, quietly contemplating art in the galleries, or enjoying the full party atmosphere, the experience will transform you. You will be amazed by the extraordinary design and stage atmosphere, as well as the ambitions and innovation of the projects.

According to the festival’s website, “Worlds, cultures and dreams collide – inspiring passion, creativity and new ways of thinking.” The Chief Executive of the arts festival, John Crumlish, says “Our purpose is really to get people to go on holidays…in their own head.”


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

world-class artists = artistas de talla mundial

and so they did = y así lo hicieron

to put (somewhere) on the map = poner algo en el mapa

key cultural center = centro cultural clave

to be founded = se fundó en

spectacle = espectáculo

as well as = además de

to take place = tener lugar

to feature = contar con

performers = artistas

whether you are listening to… = Tanto si estas escuchando (una cosa) como… (haciendo otra cosa)

parade = desfile

quietly contemplating = contemplando tranquilamente

stage atmophere = ambiente del escenario

to collide = chocar

Our purpose is really to get people to go on holidays = Nuestro propósito es realmente hacer que la gente vaya de vacaciones

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