Getaway to Nearby Galway and Practice Your English

This small, ocean-side city is one that very possibly will steal your heart and stimulate your imagination. It was named by MSN Travel in 2007 as the eighth sexiest city in the world. When you look on a map, Galway appears to be on the edge of the nowhere, yet it’s only a three-hour drive from Dublin.

From old to new this timeless medieval city has surprises at every turn. St. Nicholas’s Collegiate Church, founded in 1320, is the largest medieval church that is still in everyday use in Ireland. The 16th century Spanish Arch was created as part of a wall to help protect the Spanish merchant ships from looting in the port, but today it is also where you can find the Galway City Museum. You can visit the impressive Galway Cathedral, which is the last major stone cathedral built (1965) in Europe. Nearby, from the Salmon Weir Bridge you can join the tradition of applauding for people catching Salmon.

Outside Galway, not far away, are the breathtaking cliffs of Moher. At 700 feet above the coast they provide spectacular views of the Aran Islands and Galway Bay and are one of Ireland’s most visited natural wonders.

And then there is the music…Galway is full of it. Whether you attend a baroque concert, listen to acoustic performances, or experience the iconic, friendly jam sessions in any of the numerous cozy pubs, you will feel the Galway magic.

It is not surprising that Trip Advisor ranked as the 14nd best tourist destination in Europe in 2008.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

ocean-side = al lado del mar

to steal = robar (la cosa)

on the edge of the nowhere = en el borde de la nada

it’s only a three-hour drive = es sólo una hora en coche

timeless medieval city = ciudad medieval atemporal

surprises at every turn = sorpresas a cada paso

everyday use = el uso diario

merchant ships = buques mercantes

looting = saqueo

port = el puerto

nearby = cercano

to catch (fish) = pescar (cuando el pez pica)

breathtaking cliffs = acantilados asombrosos

they provide spectacular views = ofrecen vistas espectaculares

natural wonders = maravillas naturales

Whether you attend a baroque concert… = Tanto si asistes a un concierto barroco…como (si haces cualquier otra cosa)

jam sessions = sesiones de improvisación

cozy = acogedor

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