Escucha este audio y aprende en Inglés sobre la vida de Christina Perri

Con este audio de Anna Collins aprende en Inglés sobre la vida de Christina Perri.


Also boasting a vibrant music scene, Philadelphia is a pretty happening place.

This week’s featured artist is Christina Perri, who happened to be born in our featured city on August 18th, 1986!

She married young at 21 and moved to Los Angeles. While there, she did some work with music videos, but divorced after being married for 18 months. She then returned to Philadelphia and began working as a waitress to pay the bills. Her story is reminiscent of the true “American dream”; she worked hard to pay the bills while also working to achieve her goals in becoming something more.

Sometimes, though, you need to be in the “right place at the right time” and have a little luck. In her case, a choreographer happened to like the lyrics to her now hit song, “Jar of Hearts.” The song was played on a popular dance reality TV series in the US in 2010, and since that moment the song has been really popular. It was also featured in popular television dramas and was downloaded by many fans due to all of the attention the shows were paying to it. More recently, the cinema has been paying attention to the artist’s work by featuring another song (“A thousand years”) in a popular book-turned-movie vampire saga.

Her tracks are very easy to listen to. The lyrics are poetic with powerful verses like “I’ve had enough, I’m standing up; I need, I need a change.” This last part is from her song “burning gold” and it spoke to me. The lyrics and ideas are really relatable to your own life and struggles, and it’s always nice to hear a song that speaks to your soul and perhaps answers a burning question or helps you to figure out how to deal with something.


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