Born February 17, 1991, Edward Christopher “Ed” Sheeran has only recently become a music sensation. In 2008, Sheeran moved to London in an effort to find fame and stardom. His first release received the attention of Elton John and Jamie Foxx, sparking interest in the young artist.

Jamie Foxx was so impressed after seeing Ed perform at The Foxxhole that he allowed him to record in his personal studio as well as stay at his home in Los Angeles.

His debut album, “+,” went platinum five times in the United Kingdom. He was featured in a few tracks on one of Taylor Swift’s albums in 2012, garnering international attention for the artist. After all the recognition and new fans, he was awarded the Best British Male Solo Artist and Best British Breakthrough Act awards. His song, “The A-Team,” from his debut album, won a nomination at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Following this acclaim, he was asked to open for Taylor Swift on her tour during the year of 2013.

Now, in 2014, he is doing better than ever. He has released a new album, “x,” which stands for “multiply,” and has also bought a farm in the UK that he is currently renovating. He hopes to one day raise a family there once all the excitement in the business dies down.

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