Denver, the Mile-High City

What city has a view of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, maintains a unique mix of old west and modern culture, and is one of the most physically ‘fit’ cities in the world? That city is Denver, the Mile High City.

Located in the state of Colorado, this western city is only minutes from of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and is in an ideal location to enjoy nature, western history, and an active urban energy.   Denver is also called the “Mile-High City” due to its official elevation of 5,278 feet (1609 m) above sea level (1 mile = 5,280 feet), making it one of the highest cities in the United States.

The top of the capital building is painted with real gold paint, symbolic of the valuable mineral that attracted people during the “gold rush”. Denver became a trading center for gold as well as stock animals. It was a city with a history of cowboys and miners. Nowadays it is a city with modern art and innovative business, mixed with its southwestern and Hispanic culture…and a few cowboys still. As you can imagine, technology centers and country music dancing give the city variety.

If you want to see animals and western history, Denver still celebrates the tradition of trading livestock with the annual National Western Stock Show at the end of every January. It is the largest stock show in the world with as many as 10,000 animals and 700,000+ attendees. You can watch bull riders in the rodeo, Native American Indian dancers, or see some of the impressive cows, pigs, sheep, horses, and bulls up close!

If you are hungry, Denver is a great place to find a variety of Mexican dishes. But it has also developed its own versions. Try its famous burritos (including the popular green chili breakfast burrito) or Southwest “Denver” Omelette, or any one of its healthy foods. Additionally, the city is a great place for beer. Colorado has the third-highest number of micro-breweries in the nation. Don’t miss Denver’s Great Annual Beer Festival each fall!

If you like physical activities, Denver has more than 300 days a year with sunshine (that’s more than Florida!), which makes it a great base for enjoying outdoor sports such as skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, running, cycling, horse riding, fishing, photography and many more.   If you want enjoy the ski capital of the U.S., Denver is a perfect starting point for a dozen ski resorts only 1-2 hours away. People love watching sports here too. Denver has five major professional sports teams including Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, and Soccer. All this makes you understand why Denver received the ranking by Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2014 as the fourth “fittest” city in the United States.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

unique = especial

fit = en forma (físicamente)

Rocky Mountains = Montañas Rocosas

to enjoy = disfrutar

to attract = atraer

gold rush = fiebre de oro

to become = convertirse en

as well as = así como

stock/livestock = ganado

attendees = asistentes

up close = de cerca

dishes = platos

has also developed = también se ha desarrollado

omelette = tortilla francesa

micro-breweries = micro cervecería

Don’t miss = no te pierdas

outdoor = al aire libre

hiking = senderismo

kayaking = kayak; piragüismo

rock climbing = escalada

horse riding = equitación

ski resorts = estación de esquí

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