Conoce a la estrella de rock australiana Daniel Powter

Growing up near Vancouver, Daniel Powter had a little bit of a rocky start at the beginning of his musical career. He started writing lyrics when he was ten, and eventually decided to continue studying music in university. However, he dropped out in order to work on his own musical style.

In 2005, Daniel got his big break. He debuted a single, titled “Bad Day,” that was chosen by Coca Cola for its new ad campaign. The song reached number three on the overall European musical charts, and eventually made its way to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, as well as a few other charts in the United States.

The hit single was also used frequently during the fifth season of American Idol.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

growing up = se crió

rocky start = comienzo difícil

career = vida profesional

lyrics = letras de canciones

to drop out (of school) = abandonar (la escuela)

in order to work on = para trabajar en

to get a big break = conseguir un gran oportunidad

to debut a single = estrenar un single

to reach = llegar

musical charts = listas de los éxitos musicales

eventually made its way to number one = finalmente llegó a ser el número uno

as well as a few other charts = así como en algunas otras listas

season = temporada

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