Cuando pienso en Nueva York, pienso en Central Park

When people think about New York City, skyscrapers, fashion or Wall Street might come to mind. However, one of the gems of the city, Central Park, is something that should most definitely be mentioned!

Opened in 1857, the park has a rich history. The land provided for the park’s use was actually quite undesirable and in no way is a reflection of its current state; it was full of swamps and shanty towns, as well as livestock!

Currently, it features 843 acres, with its original size being 778 acres. In 1858, architects and landscapers Federick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux were selected from a competition to help redesign and expand the park into its now grandiose size. Because of their efforts, they not only created one of the most renowned parks in the world, but also gained a great deal of fame too. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Now, Central Park has a budget of $57 million and is on the silver screen quite regularly.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

skyscrapers = rascacielos

might come to mind = podría venir a la mente

gem = una joya

most definitely = definitivamente

rich history = historia rica

currently = actualmente

to feature = ofrecer

landscaper = paisajista

to redesign = rediseñar

renowned = reconocido

a great deal of fame = mucha fama

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! = ¡Qué manera de matar dos pájaros de un tiro!

actually quite undesirable = en realidad bastante inapropiado

is a reflection of its current state = es un reflejo de su estado actual

swamp = pantano

shanty town = chabolas

livestock = ganado

budget = presupuesto

silver screen = pantalla de la plata (celuloide)


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