Campus Philly’s CollegeFest

Happy autumn! (Or fall, whichever you prefer lol!) The ringing of the Liberty Bell and the changing colors usher in something very Philadelphian: college students! Summer break is over, and studies are now in full swing. The city thinks it is really important to welcome in the students in a HUGE way: Campus Philly’s CollegeFest.
Freshly graduating college myself, but studying in the northeast of the States, I remember how much effort my college town put into making us feel welcome. This year the CollegeFest was held on September 27th.

The festival features many different vendors, or sponsors, with activities to do at each of their tents. It even has food trucks! There is a great array of different local favorites to choose from. Plus, there was free entry to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (The festival itself takes place right on the steps…the same steps featured in the movie Rocky.)

The PHLASH bus is also popular. With the bracelet provided (you need to show your college ID card) you can take a free tour of the whole city. Live music is also EVERYWHERE.
Something interesting I noticed while walking around was that many of the American students were very interested in volunteering. Organizations from all around the city were there to speak about who they were and what they do. It was really nice to see that a large number of college students here care about giving back to the community.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

to usher in: escoltar, acompañar
to be in full swing: estar en pleno rendimiento
sponsors: patrocinadores
a great array of: un gran despliegue de
live music: música en vivo, en directo


15/02/2016Level - difficulty 2Great BritainAudioText2 min