Add color to your English with Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta

You cannot imagine a more colorful scene than during Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta. If you are in Bristol during the month of August, this is a must see!

Every August (this year from August 9th-12th) over 120 hot-air balloons color the skies above the city. The event covers four days with an extravagant collection of hot-air balloons of all shapes and sizes and attracts half a million visitors.

The balloons are launched at 6am and 6pm every day from the beautiful grounds of Ashton Court. You can watch the spectacular ascent over the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge built in 1864. You can even enjoy the balloons at night for the impressive “night glow”, when they light up the night air without taking off.

In addition to the great views, there is entertainment for the whole family with fairground rides, delicious food stalls, bars, face painting and acoustic music scenes.  Independent of your budget, there is no better colorful show for free!


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

colorful scene = escenario/paisaje colorido

balloon = globo

this is a must see = esto es algo que debes ver

hot-air baloons = globo aerostático

to color = colorear

to attract = atraer

to be launched = ser lanzado

grounds = recinto

night glow = resplandor

they light up the night air = iluminan el ambiente de la noche

to take off = despegar

fairground rides = atracciones de feria

food stalls = puestos de comida

face painting = pintura de la cara

scenes = escenas

budget = presupuesto

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