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Andre Agassi.

Andre Kirk Agassi, born to a former Iranian Olympic boxer dad and breast cancer survivor mom on April 29th, 1970 in Las Vegas, was once one of the most renowned tennis players of the times and is still regarded as such. Some even consider him one of the biggest tennis stars of all time.

His introduction into the world of tennis was actually due to a bet his father had with a friend, football player Jim Brown. He ended up betting the house they lived in, as he believed that Andre was an extremely talented player that could beat pretty much anyone. At the time, Andre was nine years old. His father ended up winning $500 in the bet; Brown lost three times! Shortly thereafter, when Andre was thirteen, he was enrolled in a tennis academy in Florida. After being there for about three months, the director offered to give him full scholarship due to his great talent in the sport.

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