Adele: Yes girl!

London. Adele.

Possibly the best vocal performer coming from the UK in the last 10 years, with all my respect to Amy Winehouse. Born in Tottenham, London, and living in Notting Hill, she is the best example of the new type of fast success that came with the internet and the power of social media. She is talented but is also a hard worker and a strongly determined person. She recorded 3 songs back in 2006 and a friend of hers posted them to Myspace, when that was the thing to do. (Where is Myspace now? I loved it.) Soon after, XL Records made a phone call to her.

Her voice is impressive; there is no doubt about that. You may like her music more or less but nobody will ever be able to say that she is not a great, wonderful performer. Her voice comes from heaven. Some people say that the fact that she is a chain smoker adds some smokiness to her voice that really changes the soul of it and makes it special. Who knows, we simply love how deep it reaches into our hearts.

Adele also writes her own songs and named each of her albums after the age she was when she wrote the songs included (e.g.”19” and “21”). Rumor has it that one of her most popular songs was written after an older boyfriend who broke her heart. It is said that he made her think that they were going to marry, while she was about to marry someone else already. (Probably writing and singing the song served as a therapy for her, but who knows?).

If I had to describe her sound, I would say that she sounds like a mix of Etta James, Dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald and Beyoncé; and yet she is totally unique. You can only think of Adele when you listen to Adele.



A strongly determined person = una persona muy decidida.
Chain smoker, heavy smoker = fumador empedernido
Lyrics = letra de la canción
Smokiness = voz rota
Rumor has it = según los rumores


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