¿Ves esas luces? No, pero oigo un zumbido.

The Marfa lights and the Taos hum: two strange southwestern phenomena.

On this edition of History’s Biggest Mysteries, besides examining these two strange occurrences, we ask the question, ‘Are these strange phenomena imagined, or can they only be perceived by some people?’.

The Marfa lights appear randomly and seem to float along in the desert.  Several studies suggest that they are car headlights from the nearby US routes 90 and 67 (not the famous 66)… But some people swear that they can’t be from cars.

The state notes the lights on travel maps, and the city has built a «viewing platform». The Marfa Chamber of Commerce also promotes the lights with a weekend-long Marfa Lights Festival held annually in the city’s downtown.  Do they believe? Or believe in tourism dollars?


The explanations for the Taos hum are not quite as clear.  This buzzing sound can only be heard by about 2% of the population. The explanations range from plausible –hearing disorders – to fantastic – UFOs or government mind control experiments. But some experts point out that, in the desert, there isn’t much background noise and this hum might just be so subtle that you need good hearing and relative silence to perceive it.


If you like this kind of thing, you could take a trip to the American Southwest, and also stop by Roswell, New Mexico to look for UFOs!


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

Hum, buzz – zumbido

Headlights – faros

To swear – jurar

Downtown – el centro

To point out – señalar

Background – en el fondo


10/06/2015United StatesAudio