Timos tecnológicos

Technology and travel scams

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we travel: it allows people book their own flights, hotels and even purchase museum tickets ahead of time.  It has meant big changes in the travel industry, especially for travel agents.

It has also changed the actual trip. We look up restaurant ratings before we go in.  We take thousands of photos and don’t have to pay to have them developed. If something goes wrong at the hotel, we can tweet or post our complaint instantly. In most cases, technology has made travel easier.

But technology does not just benefit the traveler. Scam artists are also taking advantage of new devices. In one of the most shocking examples, a thief uses an antenna to broadcast a fake Wi-Fi signal near a large international hotel.  The signal is often stronger than the actual hotel internet signal, so your device detects it first. The thief is then able to access personal and potentially sensitive information.

Another rip off that has cost some people a lot of money are fake apartment rentals.  The thief either uses a real rental site, or creates his or her own page, and offers a villa that is much worse, farther from the beach or smaller than the one shown on the website. Worse yet, it might not actually exist. Or maybe it exists, but the real owner has never heard of your ‘agent’.

Use technology to your advantage and learn about these scams before you fall victim to them.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

Undoubtedly – sin duda

Ahead of time – con antelación

To look up – buscar (en un diccionario, enciclopedia, guía…)

To develop – revelar

To go wrong – salir mal

Scam – timo

Device – artilugio

To broadcast – emitir

Rip off – timo

Owner – propietario

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