The Warrens: Ghost hunters

¿Cazafantasmas o farsantes? – They ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Most of you have heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren, even if you don’t realize it. They (and their work) have been features in several recent horror films, like The Conjuring (El Expediente Warren) and Annabelle. They were also part of a team that investigated perhaps the most famous haunted house in U.S. history – The Amityville Horror. They have a museum in their hometown in Connecticut where you can see the real Annabelle doll. However, you can look but you shouldn’t touch, as the Warrens claim that several people have had serious or even fatal accidents after incidents with doll.

Some doubts have arisen about just how much the Warrens were ‘fighting evil’ and how much they were chasing fame and profit. Most people who know them or knew them (Ed has since passed away) say they seemed to truly believe, but there is some evidence that in the later years, they knew which cases had the potential to be made into a book or movie.

Critics of the Warrens also point out that most of the evidence they possess is their own stories about what they have witnessed. Very few photos or videos exist that support their claims. Whatever the truth may be, their biography and the cases they have investigated make for very interesting and entertaining stories.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY
To realize – darse cuenta
To arise – surgir
Evil – maldad
Profit – beneficio
Evidence – pruebas
To point out – resaltar


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