10 tips for cooking like a pro II

You’ll never need to serve a ‘lion eating shrimp’ if you follow these easy steps.

All of us love to eat. Most of us love to cook. Though not all of us can be Ferran Adria or Jose Andres, anybody can learn how to cook well.  Many times it’s a question of patience. And these easy steps will also help turn you into a master chef (or at least a good cook).

First, always follow the Italian principle: the quality of your meal is nearly decided the moment you leave the supermarket. This means that if you want a great meal, use great ingredients.

Learn basic techniques – learn how to chop, sauté and reduce. And if this means taking a class, don’t be afraid to do so.

Make recipes within your skill range – Don’t start out trying to make a soufflé or a risotto. Start simple (and good things can be simple) and work your way up.

Buy good tools – A good set of knives is essential. Nothing is worse than cooking with thin, dull knives. Buy things you are actually going to use.  Unless you love crème brulees, you will not be using a propane blowtorch very much.

Make time for cooking – Don’t look at cooking as a chore.  If you make time for cooking, and use the right tools, and don’t mind the imperfect results, cooking can be a great hobby.

So look up that recipe on line, buy fresh, seasonal ingredients, and get to it!


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

Cook – cocinar o cocinero
Principle – principio
To chop – cortar en trozos
To work your way up – ir aumentando la dificultad
Set – juego
Dull – romo
Blowtorch – soplete
Chore – tarea
To get to it – ponerte con algo



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