History’s biggest mysteries: Manuscrito Voynich

¿El libro más interesante del mundo? If the Voynich Manuscript is real, what could it mean?

There is a book written in an unknown language that is full of plants that nobody has ever seen. If it is a code, cryptographers from both World Wars have not been able to break it. What is the title of this mysterious work? The Voynich Manuscript.
Through carbon dating, the Voynich Manuscript – named after book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, who purchased it in 1912 — seems to have been created sometime in the early 1400s possibly in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance. There are many theories about who wrote this book and why. Several experts point to a Franciscan monk as the author. Experts have also speculated that it could be a hoax, a travel journal, or even a gift from aliens. Some think that it is a pharmacopeia – a book that contains recipes for making medication – which would explain the need to keep the information a secret. Those who say it must be real often ask, ‘who would go through so much trouble to write this huge, elaborate book so that nobody could understand it?’

Analysis shows that the 170,000 characters that remain (many pages are missing) follow the patterns of a real language or a code based on a language. Recently, a British scholar says he has managed to decipher 10 words, all of which are plant names.

The book is now housed in the rare books collection at Yale University.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary    VOCABULARY

To break a code – descodificar
To date – datar
Recipe – receta
Gift – regalo
Huge – enorme




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