English podcast #79 business trip

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos sobre los hábitos que tenemos.


Business trip

tarjeta de crédito credit card I’ll pay with my company credit card.
billete electrónico E-ticket Do you have the reference number for your E-ticket?
llave key I’m sorry but I think I’ve lost the key to my room.
móvil mobile phone (UK),
cell (phone) (US)
I ran out of credit on my mobile phone.
en efectivo cash He always pays in cash.
cajero bank machine (UK),
Is there a bank machine near here?
cheque cheque I hardly ever write cheques.
pasaporte passport It’s a domestic flight so you don’t need a passport.
caducado out of date, expired Good! Here’s my ID card. My passport has expired.
tarjeta de presentación business card One of our salesmen gave me your business card.
adaptador adapter Excuse me, do you have a European adapter.
factura bill Can you make the bill out to BigTech Ltd. please?
Equipaje de mano Hand luggage / carry on I don’t want to take a suitcase. I’ll take a carry on so I don’t have to check in any luggage.
coger un taxi take a taxi I took a taxi to the hotel.
servicio de autobús al aeropuerto airport shuttle The airport shuttle goes to all the big hotels.
habitación sencilla single room I’d like a single room please.
con baño en suite bathroom The room must have an en suite bathroom.
conexión connection The plane from Luton was late so I missed my connection.
propina to tip Did you leave a tip for the waiter?
reserva reservation Do you have a reservation?
horario schedule I have a very busy schedule.
cita appointment My first appointment is at 9.00 in the morning.
comer fuera to eat out Shall we eat out?
pasear por to walk around I always like to walk around when I go to new places.
quedar (con alguien) to meet up I met up with an old friend from uni. (informal)
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