English podcast #7 – Salir a cenar

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos a como salir a cenar en inglés.


Going out to dinner

After everything they’ve been through, Colberto and Sandy deserve a good meal. There’s a restaurant around the corner that looks good.

WIATER/HOST: Welcome to Haven’s. How many are there in your party? 1
SANDY: It’s just the two of us. 2
WAITER: Follow me, please.
SANDY: Oh, could we have the table over by the window?
WAITER: Of course, it’s more romantic.
SANDY: Romantic?! We’re not together.
WAITER: Oh, sorry. Here are your menus. Today’s specials are ravioli with wild mushrooms and seared tuna with a peach wasabi sauce. I’ll be right back to take your order. 3
COLBERTO: 0ooo! The ravioli sounds nice. I’m going to have a Cobb Salad for starters, the pasta and a glass of their Shiraz. 4
SANDY: You know what. I think I’m going to order the same thing.
WAITER: Are you ready to order?
COLBERTO: Yes, I’ll have the Cobb Salad and the ravioli and a glass of Shiraz. 5
SANDY: I’ll have the same, but hold the bacon on the Cobb Salad, please. 6
WAITER: Here you go. Enjoy! 7
SANDY: Argh! They put bacon in my salad. I asked him not to, didn’t I? 8
COLBERTO: Yeah, you did. Can’t you just pick it out?
SANDY. No, I can’t stand the taste of bacon. Let’s see if I can get his attention. Excuse me. Sir? SIR?! 9
WAITER: Yes, would you like another beer?
SANDY: No, that’s not it. There is bacon in my salad.
WAITER: Yes, that’s one of the ingredients in a Cobb Salad.
SANDY: I know, but I asked you to hold the bacon. Could I please get a new one?
WAITER: Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll be right back with your salad….10
– Here you are.
SANDY: Just a minute. This smells like bacon. Is it a new one or did they just remove the bacon?
WAITER: Let’s see… You’re right. I’ll go have a word with the kitchen…11
SANDY: I can’t believe they did that!
WAITER: Ma’m, they made you a new salad. We would like to treat you both to a glass of wine as to make up for the inconvenience. 12
SANDY: Thank you.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

1. ‘How many are there in your party?’ Party in this case means group, not fiesta.
2. ‘Two of us’. In English we don’t say ‘We are two’ because it sounds like you are referring to your age ‘Tenemos dos años’. There are two of us, 20 of us…
3. ‘Here you are’ and ‘here you go’ mean ‘aquí tienes’ or ‘toma’.
Specials are the chef’s suggestions for the day.
‘To order’ is pedir so, ‘to take your order’ is tomarte el pedido.
4. A starter or entree is a primer plato or entrante. We don’t say a cup of wine. It’s a glass of wine.
5. In English, like in Italian, pastas en in –i, like spaghetti, ravioli. We never say raviolis.
6. Hold, in this case, means without.
7. Enjoy means ‘¡Buen provecho!’
8. ‘Ask someone to do something’ is pedirle a alguien que haga algo, while ‘ask for something’ means pedir una cosa.
9. Use ‘excuse me’ instead of ‘sorry’ to get someone’s attention. Sorry is more for apologies. Don’t yell ‘Waiter!’, instead say ‘sir’ for men and ‘ma’m’ or ‘miss’ for women.
10. ‘To be back’ is volver, ‘I’ll be back’ is volveré. ‘To have a word with’ is ‘to talk to’.
11. To be right is tener razón.
12. ‘To treat’ is invitar a una cosa; in this case we don’t say invite. Invite is used when you tell someone to come with you to a place or party.


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