English podcast #8 – La carrera del taxi

En esta serie de English podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos a desenvolvernos en inglés en una carrera del taxi


English at the office: Taxi ride

SANDY: We’ll, that was an interesting meal, to say the least. I’m beat, let’s get a cab back to the hotel. 1
COLBERTO: Sounds like a good idea to me. Taxi!
TAXI DRIVER: Where are you headed? 2
SANDY: We need to go to the Denman Hotel.
TAXI DRIVER: That’s downtown, on first street, right?
SANDY: Correct. 3
COLBERTO: Where is this guy taking us? It seems like we’re going in the opposite direction. 4
SANDY: Isn’t that the CN Tower over there? Shouldn’t we be going towards it, not away from it? Sir, where are you taking us?
TAXI DRIVER: Listen lady, I know what I’m doing. The streets downtown are all cut off in preparation for the big parade tomorrow. 5
SANDY: So how much more is this going to cost us? We took a taxi over here, so we know how much it should cost.
COLBERTO: (whispering) But we came by bus.
SANDY: Sshhh. (to the taxi driver) Sir, this trip is already as much as the one earlier and we aren’t even close yet.
TAXI DRIVER: There’s a nighttime supplement and I have to go into zone 3 to get around the detour.
COLBERTO: Pull over right now and we’ll walk the rest of the way! 6
TAXI DRIVER: This is a bad neighborhood, I wouldn’t recommend it. Are you guys from out of town?
SANDY: We’re here for the convention at the convention center.
TAXI DRIVER: Listen, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll turn off the meter and charge you a standard fare, if you promise to call me any time you need a cab during your stay.
COLBERTO: I don’t know…
SANDY: Sure thing.
TAXI DRIVER: Here’s my card. Here we are, Denman hotel. That will be 17.50.
SANDY: Here’s 20, keep the change. 7
TAXI DRIVER: Thanks, you have a good evening.
COLBERTO: Are you really going to keep his card?
SANDY: Nope. I am going to tear it up right now. I hope I never see that guy again.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

1. To say the least – por decir algo. To be beat = really tired
2. ‘To be headed’ means ‘to be going to’.
3. We use ‘correct’ in English when we mean ‘acertado’, not to say ‘algo es lo correcto’.
4. Guy – tipo, tío
5. The streets are cut off – las calles están cortadas
6. Pull over – apartarse de la vía, estacionarse
7. Keep the change – quédese con la vuelta.
8. To ‘tear up a piece of paper’ means to rip it into small pieces.

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