English podcast #9 – La habitación esta en llamas

En esta serie de english podcast podrás practicar tu comprensión, listening de inglés. Hoy aprendemos a decir y actuar cuando tu habitación esta ardiendo.


EAO-The room is on fire

SANDY: Uhff! Colberto, have you noticed that it’s really hot in here? 1
COLBERTO: Now that you mention it, it is. Shall I turn down the heat? 2
SANDY The heater is right here, I’ll do it… Uh oh, the knob is too hot to touch. 3
COLBERTO: Let’s call reception. We’re not going to be able to sleep with this heat. 4
SANDY Yeah call, and hurry up, I see smoke now!
RECEPTIONIST: Garden Hotel, how can I help you?
COLBERTO: Hello. I’m calling from room 1428. There is something wrong. The heater is smoking.
RECEPTIONIST: I’m sorry sir, who’s smoking? That is a non-smoking room! 6
COLBERTO: No, no. Nobody is smoking. It’s the heater.
RECEPTIONIST: Oh, there is smoke coming out of the heater? I will send someone up immediately. Please, open the window and wait outside your room until the maintenance man gets there.
COLBERTO: All right. We’ll do that. 7
MAINTENANCE MAN: What seems to be the problem?
SANDY: It’s right in there sir. Has this ever happened before?
MAINTENANCE MAN: Aw, this is routine maintenance, Ma’m. This should only be about 5 minutes…. 8
– – –
MAINTENANCE MAN: Yep, just what I thought. The filters needed to be changed. It had overheated.
SANDY: Should we change rooms? I don’t feel very safe in there now. 9
MAINTENANCE MAN: Naw, you should be fine. The smoke has cleared out and I turned the thermostat down a bit.
COLBERTO: Thank you. We’ll let the front desk know how helpful you’ve been. Here you go. (Tries to tip him 5 dollars)
MAINTENANCE MAN: I’m sorry sir. It’s hotel policy that we can’t accept tips. Ya’ll take care now.


i360-by-diverbo-useful-vocabulary VOCABULARY

1. To notice means darse cuenta.
2. Use ‘shall’ when you are suggesting/asking something. Remember to only use it in the 1st person, with ‘I’ and ‘we’.
3. Notice that ‘heat’ is calefacción or calor, while ‘heater’ is radiador o calefactor.
4. ‘Let’s’ is used to suggesting/ordering.
5. ‘There is something wrong’ means que algo va mal.
6. Remember to use ‘ma’am’ for women and ‘sir’ for men when you don’t know somebody by name.
7. All right = o.k.
8. This should only be = this should only take (tardar)
9. We need to change rooms. We use the plural; we don’t say ‘change of rooms’.
10. Hotel policy is not la póliza, it’s the política.


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